An ode to natural winemaking

Naked Wines is a documentary that invites the viewer to the unknown world of natural wines.


A revolt has been spreading out, from Europe to the New World. It drives us away from the effect of industrialization and homogenization, to revive ancient methods that allow the wines and vineyards to express themselves. And they talk to us, about history, people, nature and celebration.


We meet the pioneers leading this uprising, from France to Tasmania.

A history of wines that belong to a place. Of winemakers working hand-in-hand with nature to create their wines. And of people who decide to drink it in another way.

A different way. A new wine culture.

The spotlight:

· A search for the people giving back wine its original character and terroir.


· A close look at natural winemakers' vision and relationship with wine.

Ecology, resistance, creativity, counterculture, ethics, crafts, passion, popular wisdom, forgotten rituals, camaraderie, landscapes, politics ... all that, and much more, come together in the quest for real wine.

“It seems like we're talking about something new, but what's new is what people have been doing the past 50 years, not what I'm doing”

Joan Rubio

Pitu Roca

"Making wine has to do with an understanding of nature, which comes from a long time ago and it is an important part of our agriculture."

Nuria Renom

“When you drink fermented grape juice, it's the pure expression of that vineyard” 

"It's juice from a grape, you pick it, you crush it, the juice comes out, right away it ferments because there is yeast, and that's it!"

Massimo Marchiori